Kickass and it’s all in Nature

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is with the keeper in his contention that nothing happens outside the purview of Nature, and that includes pandemics, disease, meteorological events and even human displays of greed and narcissism.  Usually, in Nature’s orchestrated events, something of a redeeming value can be determined, though that is tough with such things as tornadoes and pandemics and diseases that threaten loved ones.  And it is even tougher to figure with the rioters and looters of recent nights.  Could a Natural redeeming value be motivation to change basic tribal circumstances?

The keeper does not know, but to assuage the discomfort with his ignorance, and in deference to Nature, he and Phyllis visited the UW’s Research Station Gardens on Mineral Point Road where Nature is an arsenal of budding bombs about to explode into a breathtakingly beautiful summer.

That summer will  happen in the face of the pandemic and riots and tornadoes; and the way to survive and enjoy it is to go to a garden and smell the roses and the peonies and the…….


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