Kickass and Jan. 20 vs. Dec. 25

Kickass, the doorstop dog, watches the keeper and Phyllis now as they join the rest of the world in the great seasonal waiting game that precedes Christmas, and is particularly acute now with Covid19 vaccines on everyone’s “want” list, along with widely accepted thought that, while Dec. 25 is always a very important date, this year, Jan. 20, is more important.

While Dec. 25 will, as usual, mark the grand commercial exchange of trinkets and toys for “good” boys and girls, Jan. 20 will bring delivery of the ultimate lump of coal to the “naughty” contingent in the White House, and along with it, hope for the return of decency, compassion and intelligence to a world spun out of control by narcissistic fools.

It is almost enough to restore the keeper’s belief in Santa Claus, which had fallen into doubt from the day he found socks and underwear under the tree instead of the windup toy caterpillar he really wanted.

The acceptance of reality may diminish the “magic” of Christmas but it doesn’t destroy it; and as the seasonal gift-exchange excess is postponed to Jan. 20, the keeper is finally getting a symbolic wind-up caterpillar in the form of new and respected leadership.  He plans to grab Phyllis and dance her around the Christmas tree several times.




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