Kickass and Jan. 6

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis will socialize later today with their blind friend Michael Christopher, a fellow resident at Vista West and a former Madison alderman.  Mike deals with his circumstance amazingly, and with the occasional help of friends, doesn’t miss a beat in participating in community affairs.

With this in mind, the keeper uses the occasion to satirize the savage Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection as a member of Trump’s idiot cult might describe it to Mike:

“Thousands of fun-loving, patriotic tourists, many carrying flags and some just flagpoles, gathered around the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021, to exhibit their eagerness to participate in Democracy.  To that end, they smashed their way through doors and windows in an extraordinary display of patriotic impatience; and set about establishing relationships with Capitol police by the endearing use of chemical bear spray, fists and those flagpoles.  Some of the tourists wore funny costumes in honor of the occasion; and in their fervor to get closer to government, some entered private spaces and shouted chants, one of which sounded like ‘Hang Mike Pence’ but might have been ‘Have a nice day.’  The eager Jan. 6 tourists were described as ‘lovely’ by their remote leader who urged them on in the face of bloodshed and death, and who later convinced the Repubs that he could turn water into Kool-Aid and if they drink enough of it they will see him rise from the dead and save all political sinners.  The Jan. 6 tourists have scattered back to their homes across the country where they are drinking the Kool-Aid and performing the unique political exercise of keeping their heads inserted into a major bodily orifice.”

Mike Christopher, an out and out Madison liberal, is not blind in the political sense; and, of course, he has a great sense of humor that will help him and the keeper and Phyllis get through the absurdity of a day that will obviously live in infamy.

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