Kickass and job through Ed Gein

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, ever anxious to be of help, considers the plight of those former Trump staffers and facilitators who find themselves job hunting.  He wishes them good luck, and passes on the info that you never know just how a connection to someone of unmitigated notoriety may be a factor in nailing down a job. The keeper cites the example of how Ed Gein figured into his being hired for his first newspaper job.

Gein, as everyone knows, was a murderer and grave robber who made household items from human body parts.  He was apprehended on the first day of the 1957 Wisconsin deer season when a woman’s body was found dressed out like a deer hanging in his machine shed.

On the strength of his coverage of the sensational story, a reporter at the Stevens Point Daily Journal—Quincy Dadisman, was offered a job by the Milwaukee Sentinel just as the keeper was graduating from the UW J-school and looking for a job.

Thank you Ed Gein.

The keeper is not suggesting any similarities between Trump and Gein, other than to note some abnormalities in their attitudes toward women, and how in their time they both commanded great public attention for doing things contrary to the public interest; in Gein’s case that would be all of the public; in Trump’s case only a certain percentage of it.

Gein lived out his life comfortably in state prisons and mental facilities.  For Trump, of course, his future as it might relate to such places remains to be seen.  In the meantime, his name could be a surprise factor for job hunters, particularly those marketing skills as truth-defying sycophants.    

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