Kickass and joining the wolves

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is using his canine connections to assist the keeper in his quest to drop out of the human race and join a wolf pack, despite the fact that such a thing is impossible, in part because a human—the keeper included, could not run fast enough to keep up with a wolf pack

Kickass has informed the keeper that a “pack” is simply a family group, and a wolf pack leader is no longer considered by those who study wolves, to be the “alpha male,” but rather that family member dominating the family with force, permitting him to eat first, lead hunts and pick a mate, to whom he is not always faithful.

While these conditions rang a bell of familiarity with the keeper, it was not among the deciding factors in his outlandish attempt to resign from one species and join another.  That had more to do with the human race’s growing acceptance of  whole sale and individual killing of its members in the interests of not sharing “the kill” while demonstrating global narcissism and stupidity at record levels.

Kickass is advising the keeper that in the face of his expected rejection by the wolves, he should maybe look into joining the feline world: cats are well fed and pampered, they get to nap a lot and they give the impression of  being so damn smart, something the keeper is not unfamiliar with.



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