Kickass and judge’s crowd size order

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper takes a certain home-town pride in the decision by Barron County Circuit Judge James Babler to reinstate Gov. Evers order limiting crowd sizes as a coronavirus control measure.  He—the keeper, hastens to point out the judge’s statement that the status of the order really makes no difference since it was not being obeyed anyway, particularly by the tavern keepers who said that doing so would put them out of business.

With new daily records in the number of coronavirus cases—4591 Tuesday, along with another 33 deaths, Wisconsin leads the nation in the disease misery measure; and imagining where it all might lead produces thoughts of a holiday season and winter as bleak as anything George Orwell or Charles Dickens could come up with.

The keeper has no words of wisdom to ameliorate the situation, and says only, “This too shall pass.”  He adds that it is not yet time for the Kool Aide or the burningTibetian Monk solution, unless, of course, the orange-haired narcissist gets reelected on Nov. 3.  Then it is ALL on the table.

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