Kickass and Katie visit

Kickass, the doorstop dog, celebrates with the keeper and Phyllis the fact that the only thing better than a grandchild visit is when one—Katie, brings her family—guitar player husband Chris and daughters Bella and Sophia for a personal Sunday afternoon concert and catch-up visit notable for its music and laughter and warm family feelings.

As his first grandchild, born back when the keeper was a serious trout fisherman, Katie was referred to as “a 19-incher” in a newspaper column announcing her arrival.

Since that day forward, she has been much more that a 19-incher—an energetic, caring, creative member of the human race to make the keeper proud; and to lead her remarkable husband and daughters through busy, exciting lives with time enough for a wonderful musical visit with “Pa-B” and Phyllis.

Thanks, Katie. You are definitely “a keeper!”

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