Kickass and Larry Meiller show

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the info that the keeper will be on Larry Meiller’s WPR radio show Tuesday at 11 am to talk about his book “Treeson: an ALOLOGIA To Trees” that went to make the paper used to print the keeper’s 35 years of newspaper drivel.

The keeper’s appearance with Larry is noteworthy for a number of reasons, one of them being that the keeper does not accept the existence of radio waves: nobody has ever actually seen one and how is it possible for them to be everywhere, like down in the deepest holes and way out in space?

The keeper, on the other hand, does believe in the existence of Larry Meiller, the proof being that Larry’s cheerful voice has produced the sound that somehow has entertained radio listeners for so long.  Also, the keeper has been on a couple of previous Larry shows, and found Larry to be great company, anxious to ask appropriate questions and to laugh at the answers.

The keeper invites everyone to listen to Larry on WPR every day, but especially this Tuesday when some mysterious force will produce the sound of Larry and the keeper talking from a small studio in Vilas Hall, and that sound will ride radio waves all the way up to Hayward and everywhere else.

It cannot be, but it is, or will be!


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