Kickass and Larry’s birthday

Kickass, the doorstop dog, noting that the keeper is more than familiar with the sons-out-of-control circumstance, adds that he is pretty much unable to assist in the latest problem whereby the keeper’s eldest son Larry very publicly celebrated a birthday marking him as old as the Pyramids. The problem, of course is how this reflects on the keeper and his obvious greater age which marks him as a generation older than the Pyramids.

While Larry broke the trail for his three brothers in the sons-out-of-control aspect of the keeper’s life, it would seem that in his maturity Larry might recognize the problems he causes for the keeper by celebrating his advanced age.

Certainly, as they wish him happy birthday, people must sometimes say to him, “Your dad is actually still around!”

The keeper would be curious as to just how he responds to that.

There is some satisfaction with the keeper in knowing that he did what he could to instill chaos and nonsense into Larry’s life by introducing him to trout fishing thus condemning him to a lifetime of doing totally inexplicable things in trout streams, like tearing out beaver dams that imped natural flows.

The keeper wishes Larry a very Happy Birthday and says, “What the hell, lets both of us just keep getting older and older and doing dumb things in trout streams as long as we are able to.”

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