Kickass and leap day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has cooperated with the keeper but has not consulted with Phyllis to update this 2024 Leap Day with the following provisions:

  1. Not only are women allowed to propose marriage on leap year, but they are also encouraged to throw the bum out when he develops seriously imbalanced blood circulation to his brain and his privates, which often happens if he goes into politics.
  2. In reviving an old “scarlet letter” system whereby women accused of adultery were forced to wear the letter “A,” all those men involved in passing rules about women’s personal reproductive functions will have the letter A and a couple of “s’s” tattooed prominently across their foreheads.
  3. Neutering will become a serious qualification consideration for men campaigning for political offices or serving as a judge.
  4. Women are cautioned to keep in mind that despite all of their faults, men can be useful for removing stubborn jar lids and rearranging furniture even on non-leap year days.


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