Kickass and Let Mikey do it

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper, in hearing of the POTUS dosing himself with hydroxychloroquine, was reminded of the highly successful 1970’s TV ad for Life cereal in which “Let Mikey do it,” was a line that became a national catch phrase.  This was particularly apt in the keeper’s family where there was a young “Mikey” with older brothers who would have been eager to “Let Mikey do it,” as depicted in the cereal ad.  A little history check by the keeper recalls the widely circulated rumor in the ‘70’s that Mikey had died when his stomach exploded after he consumed a mixture of Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola.  The rumor was so convincing that Mikey’s mother was called on to deny it.   It turns out Mikey—John Gilchrist, is still kicking and had a successful career in advertising and promotion.  The keeper is not confident that the “Let the POTUS do it,” thing involving hydroxychloroquine will play out as favorably.

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