Kickass and life advice

Kickass, the doorstop dog, indulges the keeper as he inventories some of the annoying clutter in life and suggests means of tolerating it.

Current domination of the media by the former orange POTUS is like having a former in-law from a previously failed marriage–one who does not bathe or put-the-seat-up, ensconced in the spare bedroom, refusing to leave and shouting insults at the mail carriers and the garbage collectors. Do not sell the house. Call the fumigators, the police and the garbage collectors, and remodel the spare bedroom to include wine racks and a big TV set permanently tuned to MSNBC.

In Wisconsin, if you encounter Ron Johnson sneaking through the woods ahead of a squad of alternative Repub narcissists on their way to deliver hacksaw blades to Mar a Lago, do not confuse them with the bear hunters who are now mucking up wilderness tranquility with only-in-Wisconsin summer bear hound training.

The high-pitched whining heard emanating from the state’s Supreme Court chambers is the sound of gerrymandering and minority representation being stepped on in the transition from Repub special interests to Dem public concern. Listen carefully: there will be more.

The ongoing county fairs are good places to see pigs, poultry and people. Go to one. Try to avoid the politicians.


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