Kickass and life decisions

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper and Phyllis that you either make the necessary big changes in your life or they get made for you.  It is much better, everyone agrees, that you make them yourself or you may take an involuntary cruise on an iceberg.  Material things have a terrible way of defining our lives, the keeper says, and putting these objects in their insignificant place—which is out of your life, can loom as an impossible task.  It may be particularly difficult for the keeper who has been a hopeless collector most of his life, but Phyllis experiences wrenches too as her life transitions from Arizona sunshine to Wisconsin snow. So, as the two of them try to get on top of the tsunami of Time before it washes over them, the keeper and Phyllis try to follow the advice of Satchel Page: “Don’t look back, something might be following you.”

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