Kickass and liquor store injury

Kickass, the doorstop dog, apologizes for the keeper today as he–the keeper ignores the Tennessee/Texas outrages and makes a blatant plea for sympathy: he was unloading a box from the liquor store when the wind blew his hat off just as the automatic back car door opened and inflicted a very painful scrape across the back if his left hand, drawing blood and causing extensive bruising, and prompting the use of creative language as the keeper did a balancing, bleeding, blundering enactment of Moses trying to avoid dropping the breakable tablets, or maybe MTG juggling the truth.

Phyllis interceded as best she could, helping the keeper get back on his feet after he crawled under the car to retrieve his hat.

There are, of course, so many lessons to be learned from the keeper’s misfortune that he chooses to ignore all of them and limp home with Phyllis and his liquor store purchases where he will uncork something and review the glories of being an old SOB.

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