Kickass and little sister

Kickass, the doorstop dog, listens as the keeper laments the burden of being an older brother when a kid sister enters the hallowed ranks of nonagenarian as his sister Norma is doing.

It seems only yesterday that he–the keeper was warning Norma about the mind set of prospective boyfriends, and now the warning to her is to use a walking aid so she doesn’t fall, which he also passes along to his much younger 0ctogenarian kid brother Orville.

 And once and for all, the keeper would like to clear up the family story of how he told his toddler sister that if she held a tennis racket in front of her face it would protect her from the snowball he was about to throw at her.  In the role of protective older brother, the keeper’s intentions had been to demonstrate the risk of using an item for other than its intended purpose.

Norma, incidentally, has been playing golf until the last year or so. She never took up tennis.

Happy birthday, little sister, and keep that tennis racket in place.

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