Kickass and locked vehicle


Kickass, the doorstop dog, relates the following as reconstructed from the keeper’s report:  Driving his motor home to a book reading—the novel Margaret’s War, the keeper was dropping Phyllis off at the Madison airport to start a visit with daughter Gina in Ohio.  At the drop-off point it suddenly developed that the keeper had cleverly locked himself and Phyllis out of the motor home, with Phyllis’s carryon inside, the motor running, and impatient people observing.  After moments of panic, the keeper managed to pry open an unlocked side window, and was about to try to climb and crawl through it when Phyllis recruited a much younger stranger who wiggled into the vehicle and saved the day.  The stranger declined a token reward, Phyllis headed off to board her flight, and the keeper drove to Waupaca trying to think of how to deal with his next self-deprecating adventure.

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