Kickass and losing things

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has forever been impressed with the amount of time and effort the keeper spends—wastes, looking for things that he has misplaced, or things that he has actually put away in a safe and obvious place and then forgotten where that place is, which is different than “misplacing” in that deliberate effort and thought are involved.  And never mind the countless things that simply disappear on their own and cause the keeper to search the entire living area, including the bedroom, for something like the soup ladle.

Phyllis is sympathetic regarding the keeper’s chronic condition and will occasionally intercede to point out that whatever the keeper is looking for is right under his nose, after which she goes back to whatever she is doing without further comment, thus showing herself to be a very classy lady.

Coming off a recent 24 hour search for an item that he finally found under the front seat of the car where he had put it, the keeper has concluded that his inclination to lose things is simply an inevitable and universal psychological adjustment to aging whereby more strenuous youthful and fun activities are replaced by constantly searching for things that are inexplicably lost.

Quite frankly, the keeper says he would rather be trout fishing than looking under the bed for the soup ladle, but that’s life!


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