Kickass and loving white pine

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper’s life-long affair with white pine was most recently exercised in his construction of desk shelves from white pine left over from his house building back in 2000.  Other than being caught foolishly standing on a folding chair with a can of varnish when the automatic lights went out in the woodworking shop, the project was a success in the keeper’s estimation; and even earned a compliment from Phyllis who recently upgraded the office decor with an impressive “Habitat” computer desk.  She also suggested that now with his new shelves there should no longer be a reason for the keeper to have such a cluttered desktop.

One of the reasons the keeper loves white pine is that its wood is so soft and “forgiving” when it comes to making precision woodworking joints.

In a sense, that is one of the same reasons he loves Phyllis: she is so forgiving when it comes to tolerating the slovenly ways of the keeper’s old joints.

Also she is very good at promoting “Treeson: an APOLOGIA to trees,” the keepers recent book in which he tries to get right with all trees, and not just white pine.

Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or from him at his blog:

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