Kickass and luck in life

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that on the street where the keeper and Phyllis live in a typical small town, the past week saw the kind of tragic chaos mistakenly identified as being exclusive to big cities.  On one end of the street a young man destroyed himself with a drug overdose, and on the other end, a swat team converged on a typical residence in a coordinated drug raid.  The keeper does not know if there was a connection between the two events—they were blocks apart, but he remembers the destroyed man as a youngster—12 years old or so, who was a cheerful neighbor volunteer when the keeper moved into his house 20 years ago.  The tragic trajectory of the drug victim’s short life saddens the keeper and makes him appreciate his longevity, and the totally chance circumstances that spared him paying the ultimate price for his own reckless behavior.  Lots of things go into determining the length and quality of life, but luck—good or bad, is the main one.

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