Kickass and lunch for the ages

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s report of a Vista West “lunch for the ages” that he had the distinct privilege of attending as the only male: There was Hilda at 103, Sally at 99, and Phyllis a mere child at 83; and then there was the keeper checking in at 92, and doing his best to keep his young mouth shut as the spirited lunch conversation ranged from the outrageous state of world affairs to the possibility of a Vista West calendar showing residents in their underwear.

All of these amazing women have strong, unique opinions about everything from food to lifestyles to men, and while they were not the least bit shy about expressing them, they had the class to listen to a couple of the keeper’s stories. It all made for one of the greatest lunches the keeper has had in recent memory.

Thank you Hilda, Sally and Phyllis for the pleasure of your company and for the reminder that, yeah, age is “just a number,” to be appreciated but also ignored.”

Let’s do lunch again soon!

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