Kickass and magnetic defecating

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is assisting the keeper in assessing the merits of a two-year study reported some time ago in “Frontiers in Zoology” which found that defecating dogs prefer to align themselves along a north-south magnetic axis.

The study included 70 dogs from 37 breeds; and participating scientists agreed that it—the study, “opened new horizons for further research in organisms’ use of magnetic fields.”

Kickass, being made of cast-iron, and therefore magnetically invulnerable as well as poopless, does not poo-poo the study, and hopes that if it involved government funding, the money came out of that allocated to building the Mexican border wall, or from incentives paid to such flim-flam outfits as Foxycon for its promise to build the Taj Mahal in southern Wisconsin.

In the meantime, the other dog in the house–the piano-playing Boo, tends to align herself along whatever magnetic axis points to her food dish.

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