Kickass and Major the White House dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the following dog-talk with Major, the Bidens German Shepherd that they adopted several years ago from a Delaware humane shelter.

Kickass: “So you think you might be moving into the White House?”

Major: “It’s looking like it.  We’re even picking up the cat vote.”

Kickass: “Do you have any special plans?”

Major: “Yes, I will be chasing the money rats out.”

Kickass: “How will you do that?  The money rats are in every corner.”

Major:  “There are no corners in the Oval Office, and I plan to start there.”

Kickass: “The previous WH occupant had no dog.  What do you make of that?”

Major: “Canine honesty! No dog will ‘sit and stay’ in a house run like the Land of Oz.”

Kickass: “Toto!  What about Toto?”

Major: “Toto was a dumb little lap dog from Kansas who never heard a lie he didn’t like.”

Kickass: “Well, good luck with your new digs.”

Major: “Thanks.  Now excuse me while I mark some territory.”



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