Kickass and male misogyny

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper is not considering a sex change procedure, but is uncomfortable with the misogynistic attributes of his gender as reflected in presidential politics where old white men continue to be chosen for top leadership positions by an electorate that must still be smarting from Mom’s sensible demands that they pick up their room and clean up their plate.  There can be no other explanation for denying exceptionally qualified women a chance to clean up the mess created by the narcissistic male political whores now in power.  The keeper says if he were a woman he would be damn mad, and since he is not a woman, he can only shake his head and wonder at what stage in life do the males decide that the women who changed their diapers and wiped their noses is suddenly unworthy of making decisions in the best interests of the entire pack and not just those loud-mouthed bullies at the top?  (Blurred old photo is of the keeper’s Grandma Emily Stokes who would have made a great president.)

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