Kickass and Margaret’s war

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in claiming to have book-scooped Rachel Maddow with her “Prequel” that details the precarious pro-Nazi conditioning that occurred in the US prior to WWII

 The keeper’s “Margaret’s War,” published two years ago does the same and throws in a love story and detailed info about German POWs in Wisconsin by the thousand.

 Margaret’s War also makes the point that when an isolated civilian population is brought face-to-face with the killers of their sons and brothers there occurs an awareness of commonality and the question is posed: Why the hell are we killing each other?

There were 38 individual POW camps in Wisconsin in 1944-45. They were scattered across the state where German POWs worked at harvesting and processing food crops.

Unfortunately, the opportunity for the participants to rethink their roles in war killing was not one of the lasting precepts of the post war era.

“Margaret’s War” is available through Amazon or from the keeper: It’s an easier read that Rachel’s book and considerably cheaper.

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