Kickass and mental cargo overload

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that he and the keeper, keenly aware that everyone has their Suez Canal moments when their seriously-overloaded personal cargo causes them to get wedged sideways with the flow of life, suggest that the solution may lie in reducing the number of mental “containers” down from 20,000 to, say, two or three.

By way of setting an example, the keeper will no longer find mental cargo room for the following: the pillow guy, Georgia state government, Ron Johnson, the 45th POTUS, the NRA, spring-breakers, and unmasked idiots partying at Mara largo.

Relieved of his concern overload, the keeper would buy another boat to take Phyllis on a long cruise, but he remembers how relieved he was to get rid of the last boat with its big load of mental cargo.

It isn’t as if the keeper is floating totally carefree down the canal of life, but, damn, it is time for him to lighten up, and he recommends the same for everyone.

Kickass agrees, and will be occupied with finding a place to nap—in the sun and near a convenient tree.



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