Kickass and methane


Kickass, the doorstop dog, sometimes loses control of the keeper and he—the keeper, goes off on meaningless investigatory tangents, the most recent one inspired by the hairless troll in the White House and his plan to do away with rules limiting the emission of methane gas by the energy industry.  If the gas and oil crowd are freed to emit as much methane as it wants, can Wisconsin cows be far behind—pun intended; which should come as a great relief—pun intended, to cows as their methane emissions have previously been cited as indirectly contributing to the melting of ice bergs through accelerated global warming due to methane gas in the atmosphere.  Kickass apologizes on the keeper’s behalf for the preceding convoluted statement, and then, perversely, adds to it by noting that humans also produce methane—at the rate of one-half liter per day, an insignificant amount and not sufficient to warrant individual human efforts to prevent it, which, it turns out, are not only futile but physical impossible in the end—pun intended.  Kickass abandons the keeper at this point as hopeless and moves away from him lest he–Kickass, be blamed for an unattributed methane emission.

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