Kickass and missing Pat


Kickass, the doorstop dog, defers to the keeper as he–the keeper, struggles to accept the totally unexpected death of his lovely daughter Pat following a routine heart procedure.  The brutal finality of Pat’s death is somewhere off over the horizon and will be dealt with in due time.  Last night, there was a concert on the shores of Mazomanie’s Lake Marion.  Pat loved those community concerts and never missed one,  and her absence on this beautiful August evening was some of that “due time.”


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  • Eileen Gilbert

    Bill, Scott, Larry, Rick and Mike,

    I have only now learned the sad news that you have lost Pat. I am so sorry about the circumstances and my heart goes out to each of you. She was a dynamo and powerhouse…yes, she was funny and small and smiled alot…however definitely her own person. I remember in 1978 I was looking for a job and called her to ask about her experience as a Wisconsin State Employee (she was actually a Department Supervisor of course!) and the insights and feedback she gave me led to my position and career with the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

    I am sorry she is gone and extend my sympathy to you and all your families.

    Eileen Gilbert

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