kickass the doorstop dog

Kickass and missing summer


Kickass, the doorstop dog, observes that now in the cold October rains, the suspicion can be confirmed that 2019 did not have a summer.  As autumn raindrops beat against the windows, the keeper explains that the 2019 summer was sold to the Koch family and other rich narcissists by the unconscionable idiots presently infesting the White House.  Though the 2019 summer was approved by the House, McConnell bottled it up in the Senate and it turned to vinegar like almost everything in McConnell’s wine cellar.  In the apparent inability to adjust to a missing summer, the keeper suggests everyone ignore the autumn of their discontent and look forward to winter.  He further suggests the populace march en-mass on Washington, armed with snow shovels which can be used to clear bullshit.  Then there with be a spring—and a summer.


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