Kickass and mustaches

Kickass, the doorstop dog, steps aside today as the subject is mustaches and he–Kickass doesn’t have one, but the keeper does, as does Harry B Harris, (Note that first name!) the US ambassador to Seoul; and Harry’s mustache is causing consternation with the Koreans as being symbolic of the painful history of the Japanese occupation of Korea.  Harry is a retired Japanese-American Navy admiral.

The keeper says he has never really faced the “why” of his mustache, and declines to do so this late in life.  Suffice to say he has always had the vague impression that if things had broken different, he could have been another Mark Twain, which begs the question of why he—the keeper doesn’t wear a walrus mustache like Twain’s?  The answer currently is the potential for trouble while slurping up some of the delicious soup that Phyllis makes or that Kim or Cyndy or Becky occasionally delivers.

John Bolton has been high in the political news lately, and there is an early record of the POTUS remarking negatively on John’s prominent mustache, which seems that, in the area of men’s hair issues, is the POTus calling the kettle orange. Kickass says if dogs could grow mustaches they probably wouldn’t.


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