Kickass and National Mother

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in lamenting the fact that their great state of Wisconsin is being rapidly converted from a beautiful, enlightened, compassionate field of dreams into a septic system drain-field for the greedy, narcissistic rich.  And apparently all the citizens can do is keep flushing the Republican-owned toilets.

The late Bill Kraus, as decent and smart a Republican as ever lived and who devoted great effort to fighting gerrymandering, liked to joke about the need for a “benevolent monarch” to replace clanky democracy.

The keeper runs with Bill’s jest and suggests that the benevolent monarch be a National Mother, a no-nonsense woman who would clean the house of the minority ruling jerks who stink up the political living room with their rude farting and worse.  Adopting the methods that other species use to put in place leadership that benefits the entire herd/flock, a National Mom would soon put the kibosh on the likes of:

*Vos and his fellow Repubs spending thousands in public money to manufacture a lie on behalf of a menacing, brainless tin man.

*Gableman who once lied his way onto the state supreme court and now tries to bamboozle decent election officials with trash documents.

*Prehn, the arrogant Wausau dentist who refuses to leave the DNR board thus keeping in place destructive conservation policies written by the ignorant and selfish element in an otherwise decent hunting crowd.

*Johnson, the cringe-producing senator who gave himself a million-dollar tax break.

The list could go on, and it would under an authoritative National Mom.  The keeper urges her selection before it is too late, and there is nothing left to do but adjust to living with the stench.

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