Kickass and new watch band

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s experience of applying his peasant mentality to shopping for a band for the wristwatch somebody gave him years ago.

First he was conditioned by ads in the NYT that neighbor Jim hands off on a daily basis, to imagine that wrist watches are in incredible status symbol in New York, costing as much as $50,000 and regularly priced in the thousands. The residual image is one of New Yorkers scurrying about on their incredibly important missions with one wrist exposed to indicate that they not only can tell time but are more or less in charge of it by dint of their ability to spend thousands on their wristwatches.

Switch the scene to the keeper shopping for a wristwatch band and finding that while he could buy a band for $12, he could also buy a new watch, complete with band for $10.

There is, of course no doubt about where the keeper’s cheapness took him.

So now the keeper not only has a new wristwatch band, he also has two wrist watches, albeit one without a band.

Take that all you wrist-waving New York watch snobs and keep in mind that TIME is the same for all of us.

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