Kickass and news dumpster

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the real negative aspect of someone like Alex Jones being thrown into the daily news dumpster is that it is already full of the denial/conspiracy crowd garbage, and it is really beginning to smell bad.

If the existence of someone like Jones has a positive aspect it is to provide assurance that the bottom of the human behavioral barrel\dumpster has not been reached and it is necessary to keep digging—to identify the garbage of war, women’s rights, truth and common decency; and to find out if there is any way to lessen the incredible stench of a rotting democracy that has been in the news dumpster since way before Uncle Charlie got his “MAGA” cap.

The keeper and Phyllis invite others to join them in looking forward to the upcoming Nov. 8 news-dumpster pickup and the burial of its smelly contents in the political landfill!

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