Kickass and news perspective

Kickass, the doorstop dog, interrupts his napping to assist the keeper in putting certain news items into relatable perspectives.

The destructive blow-up of Elon Musk’s 33-engine, 394-foot-tall rocket ship, celebrated by Musk and his followers as a success, can be compared to someone in the keeper’s crowd rejoicing over a dead car battery with elaborate vacation plans in hand.

The $787 million settlement paid by Rupert the Fox to encourage his liter of liars to keep doing it, can be seen by the keeper and his ilk as tipping a delivery person for continuing to bring inedible pizza.

The agonizingly ponderous functioning of the justice system in holding anyone accountable for continuous outrageous efforts to destroy the country is acceptable only if it is seen as looking for a switch to punish someone who is in the process of stealing the car.

To relate to the daily flow of news, the keeper recommends watching cartoons whereby Wiley Coyote’s anvil is about to drop on those who do not have enough guns to shoot it down.

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