Kickass and news sources

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, as one of the oldest former “ink stained wretches” in captivity, is increasingly distraught over a public trending toward outright bias and lies as daily information sources instead of the honest reporting that is essential to keeping communities together and nefarious narcissists out of city hall.

In the tsunami of calculated BS now washing over a flailing populace, the truth is going under for the third time and its survival is doubtful.

My god, the keeper rants, if there is no way to be informed about what the hell is going on in the shadows of the tribal campfires there is no way out of the caves.

Since the money counters chased the editors out, there has been a never-ending funeral for the flow of honest news on all levels—from local to global.  The result is that shouting has replaced discussion, cheating is cheered on, science and expertise are ridiculed, and the advance of civilization puts on a stupid red cap and does a senseless U-turn.

If we do not support the surviving remnants and the nascent sources of truthful community and world news, the keeper says, our successors will eventually be dragging their knuckles and heading deeper into the caves.

Kickass plans to mark territory before he follows along and joins his wolf ancestors.



















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