Kickass and night rain


Kickass, the doorstop dog, tried to warn the keeper that the subject of “Night Rain” has been forever claimed by the little boy in the poem by Nigerian poet J. P. Clark; and just plain “Rain” has been dealt with adequately by W. Somerset Maugham in his story of Sadie Thompson and the disgraced missionary.  There is, however, little that can be done to dissuade the keeper from his self-appointed job of throwing in his two-cents worth when a subject comes up.  So when the night rain came and woke him, he thought of it in positive terms–a meteorological adjustment to reschedule rain so it would not fall on Sunday’s parades and picnics.  Then there was the fact that Maugham, one of the keeper’s earliest literary heroes, so accurately portrayed the prevailing paralytic hypocrisy pouring from pulpits and podiums every minute of every day, and especially, it seems, on Sundays.  Clark’s little boy concludes that night rain is a part of nature and must be accepted.  Kickass and the keeper will go with that.

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