Kickass and no bark collar

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to restrain himself from stressing the obvious that if there is to be another presidential “debate” on TV, the POTUS must wear a dog-training, no-bark, shock collar with a remote control in the hands of an authoritative moderator.

The keeper says there has never been such cringe-worthy TV as was forced upon viewers last night by the ignorant bullying of the POTUS; and knowing that the eyes of the world were on the insulting spectacle, made for uneasy couch squirming on a grand scale.

To watch basic human decency being flushed away in the toilet-mouth of a bullying POTUS reflected on every last TV-viewing citizen.  The GOP sycophants–the stench not-withstanding, will continue to try to pick up after the waste-spewing narcissistic POTUS as he runs amuck in the political dog park, barking non-stop and snapping at all the other dogs.

Kickass tries to console the keeper in his embarrassed and saddened, TV hung-over condition; and suggests that when a shock collar does not control a barking dog, that dog is often moved out into rural environs where nobody has to listen to it.

Nov.3, and counting!

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