Kickass and no speaker of the house

Kickass, the doorstop dog, aware of the keeper’s irresistible compulsion to do good, passes along a few reassuring remarks concerning the Repub’s inability to find a speaker of the house who believes in the house and the democracy it represents:

         *Think of the dilemma in terms of a church seeking a pastor who does not believe in the Almighty and preaches accordingly.

         *Consider the House as a flock of geese striving for a “V” formation while all members insist on flying as individual “A’s.”

         *Look to Nature, where in the interest of survival, the most competent rise to leadership positions, and accept the fact that the Repub House members are obviously aliens preparing the Earth for a hostile takeover.

         *Shouting, crying, laughing, cursing and being hysterical, are all acceptable reactions to the ongoing House tragicomedy and none require medical attention.

         *View the House activity as a TV ad for either a laxative or a car fueled by walnuts, and then turn off the TV.

         *Do not be reassured by the old saw—“This too shall pass,” because it probably won’t.


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