Kickass and noisy beginnings

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is, of course, old and dog-eared, but his ears are not as old as the keeper’s and so it was less traumatic for him when a gang of great grandchildren—ages 2-6, and a few of their parents descended for an overnight that blew through the “all is calm” of Silent Night, and the “God rest ye” out of the hymn that has to do with “merry gentlemen.”

But, damn, it was wonderful, every raucous, noisy moment of it, and if they don’t visit again soon, the keeper will likely sink into a serious funk that may demand further brandy-dousing of Phyllis’s fruit cake.

There is a lot to be said for Peace on Earth and a house so quiet there are no impediments to napping at any given moment; but a reminder of the noisy, uninhibited, energetic beginnings we all had serves in this season as the delicious eggnog of humanity.  Drink up, everybody!


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