Kickass and Nome temperature

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the media’s traditional preoccupation with stock market news is a constant, taunting insult to millions of average, poor people; and it should be replaced with something like hourly reports on the temperature in Nome, Alaska.

The pervasive stock market reporting is no less than the masters’ gloating in the slave quarters; and it needs to be reassessed in the interests of social divisiveness.  Hearing of the DOW breaking 30,000, as it did this week, can spawn only resentment among the disadvantaged and prompt them to say things like: “Who gives a rat’s ass!”or “Screw those rich bastards!”

It would be better, the keeper maintains, for the poor working stiffs with zero market share to be free of such irritating constant reminders that they are not sharing in the big pie.  Better for them to hear the Nome temperature readings and make comments like: “Colder than hell in Alaska today,” or “Glad I’m not in Nome!”

It is much less stressful to talk about the weather than it is about money, especially when you don’t have much of it.

The temperature in Nome, as this is written, is 32 with a winter storm warning in effect.



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