Kickass and Norwegian dancers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, hands it off to the keeper today as he and Phyllis watched the Stoughton High School dancers perform a morning show at Vista West. It was fantastic, and it made the keeper think of his dear old Norwegian mother, and to converse briefly with her:

         *First of all, Mom, thanks for the long-life genes. I’m trying to use them wisely, but there is that “Yankee” father in the mix and stoic acceptance ala Norwegians is often tough to accomplish.

         *About dancing, Mom? I do not recall that it was a big part of our growing up, unless you count the time you were challenged by that kitchen mouse, or when Dad hit his thumb with a hammer.

         *As for high schoolers committing to a demanding program of rehearsals and performances, I do recall the junior class play which got me out of evening chores for several weeks.

         *I was headed for the junior prom one year and you did a brief but ineffective try at instructing me in the two-step; but then my prom date got the mumps and so no dancing was involved.

         *Phyllis loves to dance and is very good at it, sometimes dancing around the premises by herself. I am wondering, Mom, given my dance-dumb status if I should try to join her? I am thinking maybe I could prepare by first hitting my thumb with a hammer.

         * Thanks again, Mom, for getting me to the “big dance” and letting me enjoy it for so long.


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