Kickass and NRA litter box


Kickass, the doorstop dog, hearing news of the NRA’s imminent implosion over questionable financial dealings, not the least of which is the funneling of millions of dollars from Russia into the election of the liar-in-chief, Kickass is reminded of the time cats tried to take over the kennel and failed only when easily-identified bull shit was discovered in the cats’ litter boxes.  Concurrent with news of the NRA’s financial woes are reports of new mass shootings around the country, enough perhaps to raise the daily total of 100 deaths by guns to a new level.  The cats’ explanation that bull shit got into their litter boxes through the efforts of the grieving parents of murdered second graders, was accepted only by a select group of idiots, but was more or less replicated by the NRA which claimed the answer to the gun-crazed cultural absurdity prevailing in this country can be addressed only by putting more guns in the hands of more people—like preachers and teachers especially second grade teachers.

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