Kickass and off-leash comments

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is often uneasy about the keeper being “off leash” but cannot always prevent it. The following recent examples illustrate the risks of his “at large” status:

         *The outrageous summer bear hound training now being allowed ONLY in Wisconsin has no comparable human counterpart, but if it did it might be randy gang members rampaging through maternity wards to condition themselves for later pursuit and assault of mothers of all ages.

         * RFK Jr.’s entry into the competition of how-dumb-must-you-be-to-be-a-candidate for POTUS at least puts a bipartisan spin on the issue but does little to change the GOP’s stranglehold on sheer POTUS candidate stupidity.

         *But for the likes of Joe Biden on the national scene and Tony Evers in Wisconsin doing their best to stem the leaks in the dike protecting decency and humanitarianism, the summer would be even hotter than it already is.

         *As a former Canadian but now a flaming American liberal, Phyllis says the smoke from Canadian wildfires should serve as a message that global warming is now “global hot” and the idiot conspirator theorists need to listen up.

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