Kickass and old boy toys

Kickass, the doorstop dog, listens to the whining of the keeper as he—the keeper, goes through the painful process of divesting himself of some of the “old” boy toys that he has been playing with for lo these many years. They are just “things,” a boat and a motor home, but it is hurtful to finally admit that he is getting too old to enjoy them without undue effort and risk; and the keeper is practically demanding sympathy from young and old alike.  The “old” will, of course, be more responsive, understanding that nothing is forever, and that on the back slope of life, so long as you are upright and taking nourishment and have love in your life, that life is worthwhile and should be sustained, and don’t let it get twisted all out of shape over getting rid of a few dumb toys.

The keeper takes this all in, and while it helps to talk to Phyllis, who obviously has “toy” regrets from her own life, she also has the class to make the keeper think that losing some of his toys in the great sand box of life is really a big deal and it is okay for him to carry on and cry about it.



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