Kickass and old footprints

Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the keeper’s respect for science, and also his disappointment when science leaves so many questions unanswered. The recent discovery in Italy of the 350,000-year-old human footprints is a case in point.

The scientists reported the footprints were made by someone with feet that were eight inches long and four inches wide and who was no taller than five feet.

And then the record stops, or so it seemed until the keeper discovered in his extensive clipping files a record of having interviewed the 350,000-year-old footprint-maker who turned out to be the son of short Italian shoemaker with short wide feet who was running to pick up a pizza before the pizzeria closed.

It is this kind of valuable information that keeps surfacing from the keeper’s dusty files, and it is the response he uses in explaining to Phyllis why he never throws anything away.

Somewhere in the endless clutter is the eyewitness account of watching a man in drag walk on water. It would be too bad to lose that.

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