Kickass and old friend

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, having recently renewed contact with lifelong friend Roger Locke who lives in Michigan near a daughter, is astounded at the fact that the two of them, to the best of their knowledge, are the only survivors of the Barron High School class of ’49 which numbered close to 100.

“Ole Rog,” as he calls himself, reports being “surprisingly healthy except for knees, hips and shoulders,” and laments that he and the keeper are not likely to meet up in the hereafter given Ole Rog’s “clean living” and the keeper’s undisciplined existence.

Roger memories go back to a third-grade fist fight over the attention of a cute little curly-haired girl named Barbara.

Where are you now, Barbara? Ole Rog and the keeper want to know so they can invite you to their two-person class reunion planned for next summer either somewhere in Michigan or at a yet-to-be-determined Hereafter location.

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