Kickass and old parents


Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper—who can waste time with the best of them, spent at least several minutes on the Facebook item about the India couple who had a set of twin girls when the new mother was 74 and the father was 78.  He–the keeper, also noted the father subsequently had a heart attack, and the mother was also in intensive care as she recovers from the cesarean.  It is the keeper’s usual keen observation that while the physical aspects of the birthing at such advanced ages were successful, what caused trouble for the couple was their realization that when their daughters were teenagers, the mom would be 89 and the Dad 93.  While ominous, these number are not totally foreign to the keeper, and he hopes that Phyllis will agree that theirs—his and Phyllis’s, should remain a childless marriage.  They both love their teenage descendents but don’t want to be co-signing student loans as centenarians.

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