Kickass and old siblings

Kickass, the doorstop dog, shares the residual pleasure of a recent meeting of the keeper’s siblings and others in a display of defying the odds and getting old, really old in the keeper’s case.

Hosted by niece Elizabeth and Huck, the event brought the keeper, his sister Norma and brother Orville together, the three of them amassing a total age of something like 268, with the keeper in the lead.

They were joined by the keeper’s wife Phyllis and Orville’s wife Shirley, which had only minimal effect on the age stats.  There were a few “kids” present–Leanna, Mike, Doug, Brad, and, of course, Elizabeth and Huck, all of whom are barely retirement age.

There were two cats and a dog that spent the afternoon chewing on its blanket.

It was a most enjoyable occasion–the food was great, and the old stories held up for yet one more telling while the mountain of years fell away in a grand cascade as they are wont to do at clan gatherings.

Damn, it was good to be there, the keeper says, and looks forward to next time.

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