Kickass and Ollie’s fisher


Kickass, the doorstop dog, and his unscientific keeper do not often get a chance to contribute to the body of knowledge on any given subject, but with the help of a recent visitor—16-year-old Ollie Straughan from Wisconsin Rapids, who alertly sighted and photographed a fisher in the keeper’s driveway, there may have been a breakthrough.  The fisher—a house-cat-sized weasel that can eat porcupines, has not been officially reported in the keeper’s area since it was reintroduced into northern Wis. after its extermination early in the state’s history.  DNR wildlife biologist Julie Widholm says the fisher is largely nocturnal and very elusive, and while their presence has been suspected in the area there has been no solid verification of it.  So here is Ollie stepping up with the photo taken from the keeper’s deck, and while Ollie is relatively calm about the whole thing, the keeper sees potential for great recognition and honor—maybe not a Nobel but at least a certificate from the Wildlife Society.  And just knowing that there is an animal around that lists porcupines on its menu enhances the keeper’s self image of life on the ridge.  What’s next?  Maybe a catamount with a yen for some aged human chops!  Thanks for kicking things up a notch, Ollie.

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