Kickass and organ recitals

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be assisting the keeper in promoting his conversation guide for seniors in an effort to put limits on lengthy “organ recitals,” like the one at a recent lunch table with Phyllis, Jane and Donna. (The winning recital had to do with a migrating pacemaker, and the keeper’s account of having once treated an ongoing heart attack with a beer and a truck-stop sandwich got scant notice.)

As is commonly known, an “organ recital” can break out with response to the simple “How are you?” question; and once started is virtually impossible to stop until all those present have gone into great detail about the functioning or nonfunctioning of a specific organ or multiple organs, and the current treatment regime, usually described as wrong, ineffective or having miserable side-effects.

The keeper’s “organ recital” guide is noteworthy for its simplicity and most appropriate for Wisconsin residents. It is this: forget your aches and pains and complain about the weather!

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