Kickass and outdoor cruelty

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says there may be no limits to the cruelty tolerated by a citizenry that not only condones leg-hold trapping for wild creatures but actually promotes it through its DNR as an enjoyable “sport” for its youth.  So the coyote killing contest this weekend up in Solon Springs comes as no surprise.  For $40 an entrant can compete to win $800 for killing the largest coyote, by any lawful means which includes predator calls, rifles with night scopes, and the use of hounds.  This is occurring to the delight and with the participation of bear hunters who see it as a way to improve conditions for summer training of their hounds when men and dogs rampage through the Wisconsin woods during a time of renewal for all life forms, including wolves and coyotes.  Men, and it is always men, who see sport in cruelly clamping a helpless critter by its leg until it either chews off its leg or dies of exposure, and who consider it great fun to kill as many coyotes or crows for no good reason except to win a contest, these men should not be writing the laws that govern outdoor activities.  What the hell kind of people allow themselves to be morally jerked around by the Neanderthals among them!!  This outrage does not have to stand!  Vote the bastards out!

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